The chemical processing industry encompasses a broad spectrum of applications demanding chemical and corrosion resistance. Thermoplastics offer superior service life and lower installed costs for many chemical processes for which metallic piping has been traditionally specified. Tap our expertise in specifying your new system or replacing your existing metal system with lightweight, long-lasting thermoplastics.

VISPAR offers complete piping systems, including valves, controls and instrumentation that handle even the most aggressive chemicals at temperatures up to 100°C at pressures up to 16 bar. We have more than a decade of experience in piping solutions and deep expertise in chemical fume extraction and exhaust handling. Call us with your challenge!

We’ve solved tough problems like yours in these and other applications in the chemical process industry:

  • Bulk chemical storage
  • Chemical transfer
  • Chemical metering and mixing
  • Environmental waste containment
  • Process fume extraction
  • Scrubber systems
  • pH adjustment and filtration

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